About the Artist

Art As A Healing Medium:

I have drawn and painted since I was a young girl.

My education was in Architecture and Interior Design, and I was for many years a Professional Member of The American Society of Interior Designers. I also studied Fine Art at the university level, and in private classes. Working in my chosen Interior Design profession left me little time for my other love, painting.

Then a family tragedy brought all to a screeching halt. I could no longer work, I could no longer see color. My whole world was black and white. Then one day color came back into my life, and painting became my escape from sadness. Bright colors filled my canvasses and brought me inner peace. I paint because I love the process, and I hope the end result will bring joy to others.

Kathy Flint is an oil painter residing in Northern California. Her work expresses her love of the outdoors and the wonders of nature, and is available for viewing at select galleries and by appointment in her studio.